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Hey there! I'm Dr Stacy and it's great to (virtually!) meet you!!

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, functional performance coach, and movement specialist, we help our high performing clients create an effective rehab and wellness plan so they can get as healthy, fit, and strong as possible in their body and their life.

The truth is we're all here for something bigger. Working out and staying fit is just one of the tools to get us there but ultimately you're doing those things for a bigger reason.

You want to feel strong, healthy, and fit so you have the confidence and energy to show up for yourself and your family and friends the way you want to.

Taking care of your body and your mindset so you feel good in your skin is one of the fastest ways to get everything else you want in life and our mission is to help you get there.

Tranquil Place PT and Wellness was created as a specialty practice where we could help you to feel good accomplishing the things you love to do in an environment where you feel 'heard', where you get the individualized attention you want (and need), and you get results.

What we do for high-performing people like you who are trying to feel healthy, strong, & injury-free:

We give you clarity (on what's really going), a plan (for what to do about it), hands-on skills (to improve the joint and muscle dysfunctions you're having), and accountability (to do the work that's actually going to make you feel better). We make it hard to NOT accomplish your goals and get back to feeling like yourself again (as long as you do the work!)


We knew there was a better way to treat our clients and to get the results they wanted in a way that felt good for them and for us.

Having worked in traditional physical therapy practices for a long time, we realized that there must be a different way to do things. We wanted to be able to spend as much time as we needed to dive into the challenges our clients were facing so we could really help them get to the bottom of it. We knew we needed the time and space to help them make lasting changes that would actually improve their issues for the long-term and not just provide a band-aid solution.

If you're looking for one on one care and therapists who have the time to spend with you to figure out what's really going on you're in the right place. You'll have the room to yourself (no big open space with lots of other people around) and the undivided attention of a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

There are no cookie cutter treatment plans here, everything is designed for what you specifically have going on, and all our work is centered around helping you to achieve your most important goals.